10 Things Jesus NEVER Said about Healing


Today’s Church has complicated healing ministry with all sorts of ideas, excuses, and theological gymnastics that cannot be found in the life of Jesus (in fact, we find the opposite there). Jesus healed every single person who came to Him, called out to Him, or sent someone on their behalf. The same is available for us today as members of His Body.

In this sermon–preached January 26, 2014, in Jackson, Michigan–Art Thomas brings clarity to the ministry of healing by pointing back to Jesus.

Healings at this meeting included:

  • Large tumor in the stomach instantly shrank
  • Year-old broken ankle injury, fully restored to pain-free strength
  • An older gentleman who fell and injured his shoulder and knee
  • Neck (chronic pain for years)
  • Back (chronic pain for years)
  • Knee (chronic pain since 8th grade, now a grown adult)
  • Knee (chronic pain since high school, now a grown adult)
  • Lung problems, now taking deeper, easier breaths without oxygen tubes

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Christian practice of “divine healing” is not to be construed as instruction or advice concerning medicine or medical treatment. No portion of this video or web site is presented as a substitute for medical care. Any discussion of “methods” or “actions” on the part of Art Thomas or other participants are not to be construed as medical training or counsel and are strictly to be perceived as a religious study and discussion of a Biblical topic.  People claiming testimonies of healing are encouraged to consult with a medical professional for an official decision on their health condition.

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2 Responses to “10 Things Jesus NEVER Said about Healing”

  1. Sanjoy DuttaMarch 22, 2015 at 10:19 am #

    Praise be to Jesus… Awesome teaching.. The Cross is the Love of God and The Ressurication His Power.. The Truth has set me free.. The will of God is to heal.. Amen


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    […] Never once did Jesus turn someone away.  Never did He say, “I’m sorry, but it’s not My Father’s will.”  Never once did someone touch Him with expectancy and walk away unchanged.  (For more things Jesus never said about healing, check out this video.) […]

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