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Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC, has grown from a simple blog that began in 2007 to a complete production company with books, videos, music, and more.

Our name is based on a simple premise: The only supernatural Truth in existence is Jesus Christ.

For something to be truly “supernatural,” it must be “above nature.” In other words, it must transcend creation. Therefore, even angels and demons are considered “natural” because they are created beings. God, on the other hand, is super-natural.

Jesus said to His disciples, “I am the…TRUTH…” According to John 1:1 and elsewhere, Jesus is God.  He was present at creation and today rules from His throne in heaven, sharing His authority with those who will place their trust in Him. Jesus is the eternally-existent “Supernatural Truth.”

Jesus also said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  If you know Jesus, He liberates you from the kingdom of darkness, sin, and death.

Furthermore, Jesus said, “When He, the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth.” The Holy Spirit guides us into the depths of Christ. He reveals Jesus. Everything He does — from sanctification to spiritual gifts — is to reveal Jesus to the world through us. That is why the Apostle Paul’s teachings on spiritual gifts are always coupled with a teaching or statement about us being the body of Christ (with Christ as the Head).

Everything on this web site — and every product we produce — is focused on seeing Jesus revealed in greater measure throughout the earth… especially through you!

Supernatural Truth Productions, LLCABOUT THE LOGO

Our logo depicts a drop of blood in a word-bubble. The implication is that the truth we proclaim is Jesus — the One who shed His blood for all mankind. His sacrifice paid the price for our forgiveness, healing, freedom, and wholeness.

The logo has a secondary implication as well. When the Supernatural Truth — Jesus Christ — gets into our lives, we cannot help but speak about His work. The word-bubble with the drop of blood becomes a symbol of our own speech — proclaiming the purchase He made for every soul. As Jesus said, “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.”


SupernaturalTurth.com was founded by missionary-evangelist Art Thomas in 2007.  At the time, he was serving a small church-plant in the rural community of Fowlerville, Michigan, as a youth director and worship leader.  In 2009, Art married his high school sweetheart, Robin, and joined the staff at Northville Christian Assembly of God as an Assistant Pastor of Student Ministries.  With the publishing of his first book in April of 2011, Art and Robin launched into traveling ministry (along with their newborn son, Josiah).  Today, Art, Robin, Josiah, and (their second son) Jeremiah, continue to attend Northville Christian as their home church while also traveling the United States (and globally) to minister at churches, conferences, evangelistic events, and more.

Art has preached and taught everywhere from a mega-church to a mud hut. His audiences have ranged from rich to poor, from Christian to pagan, from children to elderly, and from seasoned ministers to witchdoctors and Muslim imams. Art has personally trained tens of thousands of people to minister physical healing in Jesus’ name, and the results have followed.  He now serves as president and CEO of Wildfire Ministries International (WMI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to proclaim the Gospel while training and equipping Christian ministers around the world.  WMI is actively involved in orphanage-building, pastor-training, evangelism, discipleship, and more.

In 2010, while serving on staff at his church, Art began a friendship with one of the young adults in his ministry, James Loruss.  James was attending a local university to study film music scoring and was also a part-time intern at the church.  About half a year before graduating in 2013, James began planning his final project: a documentary about physical healing that his entire class would have to watch at the end of the year.  James approached Art with the idea (neither of them having any experience in filmmaking), and they set out to produce and direct a 10-minute movie for James’ class (with the intention of making a full-length film as well).  James presented the movie to his class, and when it was over, the entire room of people sat in stunned silence.  James and Art were convinced: the film needed to be made.  On Good Friday, 2014, James and Art released the movie Paid in Full through Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC.

James is now the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Wildfire Ministries International and ministers alongside Art through worship leading and preaching. He and his wife, Connie, live in Novi, Michigan.

Also during this time, Art met Jonathan Ammon — a home-missionary serving in an inner-city section of Metro Detroit called Hamtramck.  Art, James, and Jonathan became fast friends, and Jonathan joined WMI as a ministry associate in 2013.  Jonathan serves primarily among Bengali and Yemeni muslims, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and starting Bible-based fellowships in their homes.  Some of these groups have developed into Christian churches in their own right, and some of the believers are multiplying the Gospel by starting other groups.  Jonathan’s vision is to see a movement of Christians multiply and spread throughout Hamtramck, Detroit, and beyond as lives are transformed and Jesus is glorified.  Jonathan has ministered alongside Art Thomas at speaking engagements around the United States and has preached and taught at WMI operations in rural Uganda.

In 2014, Jonathan, James, and Art co-authored their first book as a companion to the movie Paid in Full, and future movies and books are presently in the works. Their second book, Voice of God, is also available.

Our entire team is experienced in Spirit-filled ministry, having witnessed hundreds of salvations, miraculous healings, and confirmed prophetic words that have accompanied the preaching of the Gospel.  Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC, helps fund such ministry around the world by providing income for Art, James, and Jonathan and financial support for Wildfire Ministries International.

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