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Witness a Creative Miracle!


Watch God perform a creative miracle on film! When Carlos was three years old, his sister was playing “doctor” with him and accidentally stuck a hairpin into his eardrum.  The damage was so extensive that the doctors had to surgically remove the entire eardrum, leaving Carlos without hearing in his left ear for almost all […]

Creative Miracles – Can God Heal a Severed Limb?

Creative Miracles - Can God Heal a Severed Limb?

Can God heal a severed limb?  I have recently received this same question from several different people and thought I might take a moment to respond. In the winter of 2011, my nephew was scraping ice off his car when the ice-scraper broke, launching a shard of plastic at his eye.  According to the doctors, […]

Witchdoctors, Demons, and the Power of the Gospel


Witchdoctors and demons are real.  They have real power.  Their power is inferior to the Holy Spirit, but they have power nonetheless.  As we’re nearing October 31st (observed by many as “Halloween”), I thought it would be appropriate to tell you about light overcoming darkness during my recent visit to Uganda. While traveling throughout the […]

Supernatural Fellowship and the Need to Redefine “Church”


We’ve been on quite a journey throughout the last week as we talked about this topic of “Fellowship.” Today, I want to conclude by challenging your perspective on this thing we call “church.” If you haven’t been following this series, I would recommend reading at least the first two articles. I’ve listed all seven of […]

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