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“YOU can ignite our next project.
We wouldn’t be able to do it without you!”

Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC, exists to help train and equip Christians around the world to thrive as Spirit-filled representatives of Jesus Christ.  In addition to all the free content we offer, we’re also committed to releasing quality products (movies, books, music, and more) that will help you grow in your faith and partner with the Holy Spirit to impact the world around you.

In general, we like to “crowdfund” our projects to help get them off the ground, and that’s where Igniter comes in…

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a means by which people like you can pre-order a product (or choose other exclusive rewards) and thereby help fund a project’s development so that we can have the necessary working capital for a successful launch.  The more support we have before we make a project, the better quality products we’re able to provide.

Why Not Use a Popular Crowdfunding Platform?

When we made our first movie, Paid in Full, we attempted to use the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.com.  After much discussion with their representative and a lot of changes on our end, it was made clear that our theme of training people to minister healing in Jesus’ name was still a little too “out there” for the folks at Kickstarter.  Even with all of our disclaimers and the legal separation between medical science and “faith healing,” they said our idea was still against their policy to not fund anything that offered “medical training.”

We couldn’t really blame them… our idea was pretty crazy!  We still love Kickstarter (especially what they’ve done for other Christian films), but we realized it wasn’t the best platform for what we intended to do.  We parted ways with Kickstarter, built our own web site, and launched the film there.  It worked out well for us, and we were able to release Paid in Full on our target date: Good Friday, 2014.

Given the somewhat “controversial” nature of our films (training believers for Spirit-filled ministry), we decided to simplify things by building our own crowdfunding platform — one with no strings attached and no hoops to jump through — a place where we could be totally honest about the products we intend to make.

Welcome to Igniter.

What is “Igniter”?

Igniter is a crowdfunding system that’s exclusive to Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC.  It allows us to connect with fans like you long before a project launches so that you can help make our next products everything you want them to be: high-quality, meaningful, life-changing tools for training and equipping believers in Spirit-filled ministry.

In a very real sense, YOU can ignite our next project.  We wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

When you support an Igniter campaign, you choose how much you want to give toward the project by selecting whatever level of “reward” you’d like us to send as a “thank you” for your contribution.  We’ll securely file away your information on our end, and then you’ll receive your rewards as soon as they’re available.

Our Current Project:

Voice of God

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Help us raise the remaining [olimometer_remaining id=3] by pre-ordering today!

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