Lance Wallnau’s Response to My Recent Article about Donald Trump


With 770+ Facebook shares and climbing, I suppose it was inevitable that Lance Wallnau would eventually see my recent article, American Elections, Donald Trump, and God’s Secret Prophetic Strategy. (If you haven’t read it yet, today’s response isn’t going to make much sense; so you may want to do that first.)

It’s flattering, really, to have Lance respond. I have a lot of respect for Lance. I never expected the article to have this much traction or influence.

The responses I’ve received have been truly amazing. If I’m really candid, the backlash I’ve received from some has been more than I want to deal with. I didn’t write that article because I thought it would be popular, so I knew what I was getting into; but… wow… Some people are just mean. On the bright side, the majority of responses have been either cordial disagreement or raving support. Many have written to say that my prophecy about Micaiah confirms everything they’ve been sensing from the Lord. That encourages me, and I truly appreciate all those who have voiced their support. Others say I’m wrong and lack discernment. I guess that helps me keep my head on straight.

I want to say up front what I have said elsewhere: I believe Lance is a great guy who loves Jesus and his country. He’s passionate, and he has blazed some great trails for the body of Christ. I’m not against Lance Wallnau — we’re brothers. Nothing in today’s response will be an attack on Lance; just an honest response to his recent video in which he mentioned my prophecy. And as I said in my earlier article, I’m not interested in starting a prophecy war; so you won’t see that from me either. (Some of you can put your popcorn away.)

That said, Lance’s tone in his response seemed to show a little contempt for what I wrote. I don’t feel a need to defend myself, but I do feel a need to make sure we remain clear about some things. I think you’ll see where Lance and I seem to differ and where we have common ground. My goal (as I’m sure Lance’s is) is unity, so I’m going to do my best to fix any bridges that may have been burned while still remaining true to what I feel is a word from the Lord.

Below is Lance’s 36-minute video that covers a lot of political issues; and then I’ll post the three specific timestamps and transcripts that pertain most to my article, along with my responses.

Even with the written transcripts, I encourage you to watch the referenced segments of the video before you pass judgment about the tone in which Lance presented his words. Sometimes things come across differently in print than they were intended verbally.

“Lance LIVE and shakin things up‼️”

Posted by Lance Wallnau on Thursday, March 10, 2016

CLIP 1 – 9:48-10:23

LANCE: “I read these crazy posts, like I got one today. I wanted to respond, but I didn’t know how. Someone had a dream — some prophetic blog writer. ‘I had a dream about three orange tigers and one white tiger’ — and you guys know who I’m talking about; you probably read this stuff. ‘And the one white tiger…’ and he wouldn’t say who’s who! He has opinions. He doesn’t like Donald Trump, but, “There’s one really intelligent tiger we should be looking at, but then there’s another one that’s really dangerous, on the loose…” Oh, stop it. Have an opinion. And let’s not — How about this: How about we don’t do witch-hunts with Christians that differ with us but let’s have an intelligent conversation.”

My response:

Okay… Let’s have an intelligent conversation. 🙂

There are two things in this segment that need to be addressed: (1) Lance is right that I have opinions, but he missed the point of the article, and (2) it seems he accused me of witch-hunting when that wasn’t the point either.

In regard to the first issue, I certainly do have opinions. And those who are my friends and family (both in real life and on Facebook) know I have been a very vocal advocate for a particular candidate — even publicly in Facebook comments and other online discussions. But I don’t believe that it’s healthy to impose my personal political opinions on a prophetic word — especially when the word God gave me is that Christians need to actually hear Him for themselves. If I recommended my preferred candidate in this article, then I would be circumventing the Lord’s invitation into relationship.

Now, if you want to discuss political issues apart from prophecy, I’ll gladly engage in that discussion. But I refuse to impose my political leanings on a prophecy that doesn’t require it.

I have found in life that political passions can easily cloud our discernment; and the fact is, I may have heard wrong and picked the wrong “tiger” simply because I like his policies most! How tragic it would be if I mis-heard the Lord because of my politics and prophesied an opinion — especially if that pulled everyone away from engaging God themselves. Those who read my site have seen articles where I’ve argued very strong political opinions (primarily regarding abortion). But a prophetic word like this one is not the place for that.

But perhaps more importantly, the point of my article was not the tiger dream — everyone keeps missing that (maybe the article was too long, and people don’t read all the way to the end?).  The tiger dream was simply the stimulus the Lord used to prompt me to speak up, and it sets the framework and terminology for the prophetic word at the end.

Again: It’s not about the tigers. The point of the article is the Micaiah connection: I believe the Lord showed me there are spirits who were sent out to accomplish a strategy from heaven, and these spirits have led many people to prophesy an “all-signs-point-to-Trump” message. But that doesn’t mean that Donald Trump is “God’s anointed” or that God has ordained a Trump presidency like many are asserting. I actually feel in my spirit — as I said in the article — that God has a different preference for president, but He also had a strategy to accomplish in the earth that wasn’t publicly revealed until it was too late to change it.

Does that mean Donald Trump will or will not be the president? As I said, I don’t know. That’s not the point of the word I shared (and I said that). I suppose if I’m really honest, one of the things I didn’t say in the article but that was in my heart was this: If you vote for someone other than Donald Trump, it doesn’t mean you’re disobeying God’s will. I think it’s sad that I’ve met so many Christians who are voting for Trump only because “all the prophetic words out there” swayed their opinion. We Christians seem to be content to follow someone else’s word without hearing God for ourselves. Please: Use that discernment with my prophetic word too.

This isn’t a “my word versus his word” thing. This is a “we know in part and we prophesy in part” thing.

Yes — let’s have that intelligent conversation about the issues. Let’s not use subjective prophecies to tell people who is anointed by God to be the next president. I think it’s unfortunately manipulative (no matter how unintentional) to try to convince someone to vote according to a prophetic word rather than their convictions, a study of the issues, and personal dialogue with the Lord. And that’s why I refuse to support a particular candidate in my article despite my public advocacy elsewhere.

To be fair, I can see a couple ways I may have broken my own rule. I did share my opinions about my concerns about Trump (and I identified them as such — personal concerns). I also presented my word in a way that identified Trump as dangerous — though I also said every politician is dangerous. I also was careful to share the part of Jeremiah Johnson’s prophecy that spoke positively about Trump’s heart and intentions.

I stand by my opinions about Trump, but they are just that: opinions. I also stand by my prophetic word (even though I admit I could be wrong) that Trump is not God’s preference for the country and that God’s preference will only be chosen if we Christians seek the Lord (and, like Lance recommends, study the issues).

I will reiterate the points: that people should seek the Lord for themselves about God’s preference, that I could easily be wrong, and that we shouldn’t blindly vote for someone just because some prophecy supports them (even my own). In my article, I strongly encouraged people to discern for themselves, and I wish more people in the prophetic movement would talk like that.

In regard to the second issue, this wasn’t a witch-hunt. Nothing in my article was intended to bash anyone. I did name names, but not as a way of attacking anyone. My point was that I am aware of the primary voices out there who are prophesying things in favor of Donald Trump. If my article is perceived as disparaging or antagonistic toward anyone, I apologize because that was neither my heart nor intent. I do believe some ardent supporters of Trump will be humbled during this process, but that doesn’t mean I’m against any of them.

As far as I know, Lance and I are on the same team. We’re both Spirit-filled Christians who love Jesus and want to see significant changes and reforms come to our corrupted federal government in America. No witch-hunt here; just a single prophecy about what I feel God is doing in the earth to bring humility to many Americans, especially those in the Body of Christ.

CLIP 2 – 11:52-12:43

LANCE: “America’s capacity for self-control is so low, and the political opportunism of the left is so vicious — Christians are so out to lunch on what’s really going on — you could have riots all over the place. And you know what? It happens during peace in America. Can you imagine what would happen in a hard time? That’s why this election is so critical. That’s why Christians gotta stop trying to figure out which tiger in their dream is the one. They should be talking about issues, candidates — and getting very real and very coherent about participating. Because right now, the thing I love about Trump — and I said it from the very beginning — I didn’t say God wants him as president; I said he is God’s wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness. He is an uncontrolled political force that is wrecking havoc upon establishment and control people.

My response:

I completely agree with Lance’s statement that, “[Christians] should be talking about issues, candidates — and getting very real and very coherent about participating.” But I’m a little troubled by the part of this response that says, “Christians gotta stop trying to figure out which tiger in their dream is the one.”

(1) Isn’t that the whole point of discussing the issues? Aren’t we trying to arrive at God’s best for America?

(2) I would rather tell Christians to find out who the right candidate is than tell them, “Vote for this guy… because… well… prophecy!”

But that’s what Lance has been cited as doing (proof in a moment).

He claims in the above clip that, “I didn’t say God wants him as president; I said he is God’s wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness.” For the most part, Lance is right that he hasn’t been going around proclaiming a definite Trump presidency, but that doesn’t mean he has never said something that implies God wants him as president. This article from Christian News says a few things that have led me not to edit my original article. Here’s the specific segment:

“God has given [Donald Trump] an anointing for the mantle of government in the United States and he will prosper,” Wallnau declares [in a video], the people then cheering again and clapping.

He said in his social media post that he won some of the attendees over for Trump after telling them that he recently realized that the 2016 election will select the 45th president, and he felt that God was telling him to read Isaiah 45 to “see who the 45th President of the United States should be.”

“This is what the Lord says to His anointed, Cyrus, whose right hand I have grasped to subdue nations before him, as I strip kings of their armor, to open doors before him and gates that cannot keep closed,” Isaiah 45:1 reads.

“I told them my experience and asked them to consider standing behind Mr. Trump as he continues to step into the role of a rough reformer like Luther to take on the Political and establishment high places,” Wallanu said. “He needs to continue his work as a divine wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness that has been like witchcraft muzzling and intimidating the Christian community.”

He said that he acknowledges that there are other candidates that are more evangelical, but believes that Trump “fears God as best he knows Him and he is the only Cyrus I see fulfilling Isaiah 45 for the 45th President.” (Source)

Even though the specific words “Donald Trump will be the next president” never came out of his mouth, I don’t see any other way to read this than as a prophecy that Trump will be the next president. He said Trump was anointed for government and “will prosper.” He said God told him to look at Isaiah 45 to find out “who the 45th president should be.” He said that Trump “is the only Cyrus I see fulfilling Isaiah 45 for the 45th President.”

The part that concerns me most is the second paragraph in the above quote, which says that he “won some of the attendees over for Trump after telling them” about his prophecy. That’s not a discussion of issues as he has demanded from me; it’s an argument that “you should vote for this guy because of my prophecy.” And while I love Lance with all my heart, I have to call him out on this one.

For those who want to see Lance’s original post (which this article cites), here it is:

All that said, I’d like to go on record as saying that I do believe Lance heard correctly about Donald Trump being a wrecking ball against political correctness and the political establishment — and time has already proven his words true.  In fact, time may indeed prove the implication of his prophecy true that Trump would be the 45th president. But I have to agree with Dr. Michael Brown that the Cyrus passage is like comparing apples and oranges, and the analogy doesn’t seem to fit with the concept of a US president.

I do not believe that Donald Trump is God’s preference for the next president; and that’s why I’m arguing for Christians looking at the issues and seeking God themselves rather than simply taking someone else’s prophetic word for it.

CLIP 3 – 23:56-24:45

LANCE: “My name keeps coming up regarding Donald Trump. Yeah, I did give Donald Trump a word; and I’ll see him again, and I’ll give him the word of the Lord. But I didn’t pick Donald Trump as a candidate; I was given Donald Trump as a prophetic assignment. And therefore I protect, I defend, I intercede, and I block what I perceive as being unjust or satanic characterizations — frequently coming from misinformed Christians that want to vilify and demonize people that they shouldn’t be attacking. Christians are under the influence of mind-control, big time. We don’t form our opinions based upon diligent research, understanding, meditation, and waiting upon the Lord. We’re too quick to judge, too quick to condemn — this is the stuff that all you guys hate about organized religion; many of you are doing it!”

My response:

I’m with Lance on this one. If I were rubbing elbows with Donald Trump, I’d probably seek God for a prophetic word to give him too.  And if God had given me Trump as a prophetic assignment, I would defend him too.

I also agree that Christians at large behave as though they’re under some sort of weird mind-control. The unfortunate thing (the thing that made me not even want to write the article that I wrote) is that many of us in the prophetic movement are part of that mind-control. There are many people in the Body of Christ who take every prophetic word from a “big name” at face value and don’t take time to think. I’ve met some of them. There’s no reasoning with them. “Trump is God’s Cyrus,” they say. Even if Lance and others didn’t mean to fuel that sort of mindlessness, we have to be honest about the weight our words carry when we present them in the name of the Lord. I pray no one takes my words mindlessly either.

But I don’t know that it’s an “unjust or satanic characterization” to identify Trump’s pride (as I did in the article). The scriptures I shared are legitimate concerns. But pride is only one of Trump’s issues that concern me…

I could go on. But let’s be clear about one thing: You can’t ask for an honest discussion of issues but not be willing to consider a person’s track-record as one of those issues.

You also can’t accuse someone of being “quick to judge” and “quick to condemn” while simultaneously offering a quick judgment and condemnation of that person as a “witch-hunter” who doesn’t know how to share an opinion. Let’s be diligent about “research, understanding, meditation, and waiting upon the Lord” with the candidates — but also with the things we publicly say about each other.

In closing, I want to reiterate that I’m not against Lance. We’re on the same team and seeking the same Jesus. And I believe he very likely legitimately heard from heaven what he has proclaimed. But what I also believe is that what he heard from heaven is only part of the picture and was part of God’s strategy to bring humility to many Americans.

I also want to be clear that I’m not hoping for a collapse of Donald Trump. If he’s elected, I will be praying for his success and praying that every positive prophetic word about him comes true. And even if he’s not elected, I will continue praying for him to experience a life-transforming salvation that affects him to the core and is clearly visible in his public image. But there is still a feeling deep inside of me that unless he humbles himself, he will be humbled publicly; and this humbling will have ramifications for all his supporters, endorsers, and followers — perhaps even deep regret.

I pray it isn’t so.

Be blessed,

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12 Responses to “Lance Wallnau’s Response to My Recent Article about Donald Trump”

  1. Judith M McCarthyMarch 12, 2016 at 10:10 am #

    Art I love your heart, your humility and your level head.

  2. Karla VanWormer RobinsonMarch 12, 2016 at 10:38 am #

    Art, thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your posts/blogs. I love your fervor and love for the Lord, your love for people and your love of The Word! And I love your great humility! You are a blessing to many. God bless you and your family!

  3. Julie S.March 12, 2016 at 11:09 pm #

    I’m with you Art! I am astonished as how so many Christian leaders seem to be for Donald Trump. My pastor said this and I agree, “You will know them by their fruits.” , Last time I checked my bible on the fruit of the spirit it says in Gal. 5:22-23, But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. ” I’m sorry but Trump does not have good fruit if this is the measurement we are to go by.
    I believe the Lord told me that we as Christians should pray for His will to be done, on earth as it is in heaven, whatever His will is. But His will is not allways done on this earth and we need to pray for that. If He told me to vote for Trump I would support him but He has not said that to me.
    Personally, I think your dream is right on and I also think you are handling all this with great grace and demonstrating the true love and nature of the father in your responses. Just wanted to say that. God bless.

  4. JC CalderMarch 13, 2016 at 1:39 am #

    Blessings in Christ,
    These are wonderful articles, thanks for writing about it.
    I will give some personal thoughts about this topic. I will write with respect and I’m in no way attacking Mr. Donald Trump nor endorsing him. His fruits speak by themselves.
    For months I’ve been very distress concerning all that is happening in this elections.
    I recently heard a very known prophet of God in the Spanish speaking countries. Last year as she was in Argentina, she was instructed by the Lord to break the “spirit of Hitler” over Argentina, as there were some ties between Nazi Germany and Argentina. This cause a season of darkness over Argentina. She did this in 2015 which is 70 years after the death of Hitler.

    God uses cycles to work in the earth. So does the Devil as he copies the designs of God and twists them. The number 70 has different meanings in the scriptures. An example is when the Israelites went to exile to Babylon.

    As I said before, in 2015 were fulfilled 70 years of Hitler’s death. And it was last year when the presidential race began.
    I believe and this is my perception, which I can be wrong. After I heard her, I’ve felt in my spirit that Satan wants to rise up the “spirit of Hitler” in our midst again. When I say the “spirit of Hitler, I am referring to the same evil and darkness that controlled him.
    I did a little bit of research about Hitler rising to power. You’ll learn that most of the “church” Protestant and Catholic welcome the Nazi’s ideas especially at the beginning. They were deceived by the millions. Then when some try to react, it was too late. If you go back and study history you’ll find many patterns of today.

    Have in mind that my perceptions were before all the recent scandals about Mr. Trump ideas. I am not saying Mr. Trump is the new Hitler. I am saying that Satan wants the “spirit of Hitler” to rise up 70 years after.
    There are many perceptions as the birth dates of the candidates and one of them will be 70 years old this year. His blood line and many others.

    Please, I do not want to attack any body here.
    And I apologize if I offend any body. But I am crying night after night before God as I have never done before for this country concerning this.
    God bless you.

    • JKarlssonMay 27, 2016 at 3:28 am #

      I think you are completely right because I have had the same impression. Thanks for sharing! I have been praying against this ‘Hitler spirit’ for a while. A few years ago, there was a Finnish filmmaker who made a film about Hitler after having a dream in which he saw Adolf Hitler jumping up and down in frustration because he was anxiously trying to come back to earth. As with the rise of Hitler, many professing Christians were deceived because they were not properly exercising their God-given discernment. Once when I was praying, I believe I heard God whisper these words re Trump: “I will remove him from office.’

  5. Mark WojoMarch 13, 2016 at 1:48 pm #

    You and Lance both put the cart before the horse MI Primary’s do not decide the presidency, the riot that just happened most likely sealed the Presidency, and if Trump continues to have the same results as Chicago the other day Hillary will be pres, Art’s to your defense your prophecy was closer to the primary of MI and lances is more about who’s going to be pres,

  6. steve BarringtonMarch 17, 2016 at 7:57 pm #

    You seem to have a humble strenghth and “realness” that is attractive. I mean who isn’t tired of having to filter through so much human opinion to try to find truth. I wonder if a new Christian would be a little confused and maybe discouraged if they read all the opinions and then thought is there no truth, no plumline in Christianity. Especially young people trying to find something to live for. They need real. I appreciate your realness.

  7. Pat ShawMarch 25, 2016 at 4:52 pm #

    I am NOT commenting on the Trump issue. I do want to express the value I put on every Christian seeking the Lord for themselves. I really appreciate Art bringing this out so strongly!

  8. Jaretta MurphyMay 1, 2016 at 10:04 am #

    I used to be a part of Lance Wallnau’s “tribe” but when he continued to endorse Donald Trump and continued to make excuses for his behavior and seemingly spinning the facts toward what God is doing I had to unfollow his feed. When he talks about misinformed Christians vilifying and demonizing…and being under the influence of mind control, is he talking about OTHER Christians than those supporting Donald Trump? Isn’t that the whole substance of control, manipulation and deception? If he accuses others of being deceived or under the power of mind control how does he know that he is not? It would be different if he had had the humble approach that you have taken in his response but it does seem as if he is very defensive.

  9. Russ F.June 28, 2016 at 12:48 am #

    Thank you. I’m encouraged by how carefully you handle people’s reputations and truth. I’ve been deeply troubled by the embrace of Mr. Trump by the leaders you’ve mentioned — and by many of my friends who are in the charismatic/prophetic “stream”. Art, I agree with you that too many simply accept their favorite prophetic minister as delivering the Word of God about who to vote for. And too many believers are looking for an authoritarian hero who is “strong” (like the image Hitler cultivated) to protect them from the scary “others”. This invites demagogues and manipulation.

    Thank you for listing facts about Mr. Trump. Thank you for being both concerned about the implications of your Tiger dream and also acknowledging your own leanings. Your approach refreshes me and gives me hope for more sanity/honesty and less acceptance of dangerous narcissism.

    The recent implicit (by association) endorsement of Mr. Trump by five hundred “evangelical leaders” was also disheartening to me. Even if Dr. Dobson is right about Mr. Trump being a “baby Christian”, would we put any “baby Christian” into a position of great power and great temptation to an unrestrained ego? I pray we don’t.

    This election cycle has exposed a great deal about how narrow and self-protective much of evangelical and charismatic American christianity is. For the sake of my grandchildren, I pray we don’t get the kind of leader “my people” seem to be rooting for.

  10. NancyNovember 10, 2016 at 7:01 pm #

    Wow you have said everything that I truly believe. You speak so truthfully. I have never heard about you just came ascoss your article, and wow you have really hit home with just about everything! God bless you❤️

  11. JoNovember 15, 2016 at 6:41 am #

    Dear Art,
    I’m a Christian from the UK and have come across your article in trying to research and understand the election result from a Christian point of view. I have been troubled by the prophetic words I have read because of the fusion of faith and nationalism that they come from that seems to me to be totally lacking in any humility or mercy. Also those who vociferously claim they are pro -life and biblically motivated seem to have no difficulty also being pro-death penalty and the right to bear arms. I even scarily heard one ‘prophet’ justifying violence against God’s ‘enemies’ because Jesus used a whip in the temple. Hmmm… but didn’t Jesus say love your enemies and do good to those who persecute you? The difficulty is that we can all pick and choose the bits of the bible that seem to back up our own point of view. But I do believe that these people love God and have earnestly prayed for God’s intervention. And so I had kinda been thinking that ok maybe electing Trump (who I personally find quite an offensive character – but then so were some of those God uses in the bible) is part of God’s plan but not as these people see it – along the lines of giving the Israelites King Saul when they wanted a king. Then I read your post which seemed to be along the same lines. I too would love it if that ‘father’s heart’ that Trump supposedly has became more evident, but there has been very little evidence of it so far. I think the religious right who are so cock-a-whoop at the moment may be in for a shock that will ultimately lead to a greater openness to the upside-down paradox of the kingdom of God where love wins not by force but by humility and the sacrificial giving of itself.

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