God’s Special Gift – A Kid’s Guide to Receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

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Lead your children into the baptism in the Holy Spirit through this kid-friendly book with bold, fun illustrations and down-to-earth teaching. Written and illustrated by Art Thomas, this 40-page book contains practical teaching in storybook form and is great for kids of all ages.


Join Andrew, one of Jesus’ disciples, as he tells you all about his amazing experience receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit!

This kid-friendly picture book weaves biblical truth with an engaging storyline and is great for all ages. Not only will your child discover the meaning and purpose of the baptism in the Holy Spirit, but he or she will also be invited into the experience with insightful, low-pressure, easy-to-understand instruction as part of the story. (And grown-ups can learn and receive too!)

The author, Art Thomas, was baptized in the Holy Spirit at eleven years old, but children even younger have received this Gift all over the world. No matter how old your child is, it’s never too soon to introduce them to the Holy Spirit and God’s special gift of power.

From the Author:

Hi there! My name is Art, and I’m a missionary-evangelist, which means I travel all over the world to tell people about Jesus and teach Christians how to share God’s love with others. My wife Robin and I have two sons–Josiah and Jeremiah–and I wrote this book to help them (and kids like them) to experience God and become strong Christians.

Before becoming a minister, I studied Early Childhood Development and Education in college and worked as a child care provider for nine years. I also served as a children’s and youth pastor for about five years.

Even though I mostly talk to grown-ups now, I still believe God loves to minister through kids. Jesus said that everyone who believes in Him would do the same miracles He did, plus greater ones (John 14:12), but He never said, “If you’re old enough.” If you believe in Jesus, this book is for you!

More Info:

This book contains 36 pages of bold, colorful illustrations with large-print text. It also includes a letter to parents and a page of scripture references that biblically support each page of the book.

40 pages total.

Written and Illustrated by Art Thomas

This book is written for children of all ages, but its length may be best suited for children a least four or five years old. It’s never too soon to begin introducing young children to this topic, though, and younger children will certainly enjoy the bright, friendly pictures.



The Holy Spirit came upon Jesus.

Teaching Children how to Speak in Tongues



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