Healing Miracles for Your Family

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Jesus wants your family members to be healed. In this book, Missionary-evangelist Art Thomas teaches you how to overcome the unique difficulties of ministering healing to your family and gives practical solutions for helping your loved one pursue and experience a healing miracle.


Healing Miracles for Your Family – Practical Solutions for Helping Your Loved One Experience a Healing Miracle

When someone you love is suffering, there’s nothing you want more than to see them free. Jesus feels the same way. Miracles are worth pursuing.

Many have noted the difficulty of ministering healing to family. Some who have seen countless strangers healed often struggle to see miracles come to those they care about most deeply.

In this book Missionary-Evangelist Art Thomas will teach you practical principles for overcoming the unique challenges of ministering healing to the people you love. You’ll learn to overcome unhealthy motivations, emotions, and concerns while being the best representative of Jesus you can be. You’ll also learn how to seek God for a miracle without wearing yourself out.

While this book is not a guarantee of a miracle, it can help draw you closer to the One who most wants that miracle to happen. Jesus has paid the price for your loved one’s healing, and He wants it to happen more than you do. In this study you’ll learn to partner with God in healing ministry, and that’s the place where miracles happen.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: You Can Minister Healing to Your Family
  • Chapter 2: Understanding the Unique Difficulty of Ministering Healing to Family
  • Chapter 3: You Don’t Have to Carry This Burden Alone – Taking the Pressure Off
  • Chapter 4: The High Calling of Caring for the Sick
  • Chapter 5: How Much is Too Much?
  • Chapter 6: What to Do If Your Family Member Doesn’t Want to be Healed
  • Chapter 7: Caring for Yourself
  • Chapter 8: Processing Setbacks and Loss
  • Chapter 9: Responding to Faithless Friends and Family
  • Chapter 10: Simple Trust and Expecting Miracles
  • Appendix A: How to Be Healed by Jesus
  • Appendix B: Testimonies of Victory

180 Pages


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