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  • the movie on DVD,
  • the Small group DVD and PDF curriculum,
  • the 40-Day Activation Manual,
  • the CD soundtrack, and
  • the book Spiritual Tweezers by Art Thomas

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Paid in Full

Experience the documentary that is training Christians all over the world to minister healing in Jesus' name!

40-Day Healing Ministry Activation Manual

361-page book by the film's directors with quotes from people in the film

Paid in Full Small Group DVD and Curriculum

DVD video and PDF curriculum for an 8-week small group study about healing ministry

Paid in Full Musical Score

Musical Score from the movie, Paid in Full

Spiritual Tweezers

A book by Director Art Thomas debunking Paul's "thorn in the flesh" as an excuse against God's will to heal


Our first movie, Paid in Full, is much more than a movie — it’s an experience.

We produced this movie with the expectation that viewers would have an encounter with God.  We desire for people to come to salvation, to experience healing, and to understand the simplicity of ministering healing in Jesus’ name.  Our goal is to make healing ministry “normal” throughout Christianity today.

So far, it’s been working!  Here are some of the testimonies we’ve been receiving:

“The prayer team at our church is going through the activation manual and we’ve seen all sorts of healings & miracles!” ~ Rebecca

“Our group is really encouraged by the [Small Group] series. Many are people who used to pray but gave up after being frustrated seeing people who lost loved ones, etc. Your series has reactivated them to pray for healing again. And we are again seeing healings take place. Other church leaders say they will also use your series for their groups after sitting in on our sessions.” ~ from a church in San Francisco, CA

“Just heard about Paid in Full! I couldn’t wait to order the DVD, so I ordered the digital version last night. Watched it with my kids! Amazing!! Simply amazing! Even before it was over, my 13 year old complained that her eye burned and it began to water and turn red. So I prayed for her eye in Jesus Name, and asked her how it felt. She said it felt better already, and the burning left and the redness immediately started to diminish…” ~ Renee

“I took [Paid in Full] into a maximum-security prison and watched it with 65 prisoners. We have been studying supernatural healing, this video showed how easy it really is. Thank you for this video. Yesterday a prisoner with hearing aids in both ears was healed. It was confirmed by the infirmary.” ~ Charlie Owens

This testimony came from Pastor Charlie Moody in northwest Montana and shows what it looks like when an entire church is activated in healing ministry:

“…We were ‘primed’ for Paid in Full and jumped eagerly into the [small group] course. We’ve witnessed “newbies” in the faith going out being astounded that the Lord would desire to use them this way. Even the veterans of faith are taken with the course. But here’s what I really wanted to share: Yesterday, during praise and worship, I had a word of knowledge that God wanted to heal throat conditions. Four people responded, and four people got healed immediately…by others who I asked to come and pray for them! Well, healing broke out in the house, and when all was done, 9 people testified to being healed of various ailments.”

And then there’s this one:

Powerful night! Several healings after watching the movie Paid In Full. This cane was left behind by a lady who said to ‘Give it to someone who needs it.’ Apparently she no longer does!! ~ Pastor Ken Boone at Fair Ridge Assembly of God

This cane was left behind after a showing of the movie Paid in Full "for someone who needs it"

We’ve been absolutely stunned by the response to this movie, book, and Small Group study; and it’s such a blessing to be part of what God is doing to restore healing ministry as a normal function throughout the Body of Christ.  Reports are coming in of Christians being activated in Australia, China, Finland, South Africa, Canada, the United States, and more.

Learn from internationally known evangelists like Daniel Kolenda and Nathan Morris; senior staff at Bethel Church in Redding, CA; pastors and church leaders from around the world, and ordinary people who are actively engaged in healing ministry.


By purchasing the Film Encounter, you will receive every Paid in Full product:

  • the movie on DVD,
  • the Small group DVD and PDF curriculum,
  • the 40-Day Activation Manual,
  • the CD soundtrack, and
  • the book Spiritual Tweezers by Art Thomas.
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Paid in Full Products:

Paid in Full DVD film

Paid in Full DVD Video (feature-length film)

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Paid in Full 40-Day Healing Ministry Activation Manual - book

Paid in Full 40-Day Healing Ministry Activation Manual

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Paid in Full DVD Small Group study

Paid in Full 8-Week Small Group Study

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Spiritual Tweezers - Removing Paul's Thorn in the Flesh - book

Spiritual Tweezers (Biblical study of God’s will to heal)

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Paid in Full Musical Score - music CD

Paid in Full Musical Score Sound Track CD

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Paid in Full Package Deal of All Five Products

Package Deal of All Five Items

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