Paid in Full Small Group DVD and Curriculum


Dive deeper into your study of healing with seven focused lessons designed to follow PAID IN FULL. (Please note that the movie is sold separately)

Also great for personal study.


The Paid in Full Small Group Study is an 8-week journey of learning, discussion, challenge, and discovery in healing ministry.

Jesus regularly treated healing ministry as something that was to be expected from His followers. He said that it was a sign that would accompany those who believe, and He said that we would do the same things as Him and greater. If we are to take Jesus seriously (and we are!), then healing ministry is intended to be part of the very culture of the Church.

What better way to integrate healing ministry into the fabric of your own gatherings than by sharing the discovery of healing ministry with a group of friends and fellow believers?

This study is designed to help those who are brand new to healing ministry and those who are experienced to grow together into a mature expression of God’s power to heal.

You’ll receive:

  • The Small Group DVD containing 7 lessons (the first of the 8 weeks involves watching the movie),
  • A special link to download the 27-page leader’s guide and curriculum (on the back of the DVD case)

Here are the 8 sessions covered:

  • Week 1: Watch the film (not included; add movie to cart for $20)
  • Week 2: Is Healing REALLY for Everyone?
  • Week 3: The Price Jesus Paid
  • Week 4: Processing the Times When Nothing Seems to Happen
  • Week 5: Overcoming Obstacles in Healing Ministry
  • Week 6: Some of the Ways God Heals
  • Week 7: Attaching the Message to the Ministry
  • Week 8: Healing Ministry as a Normal Part of Life

Each 10- to 20-minute session includes:

  • New insights from the interview subjects in the film.
  • New footage not included in the movie.
  • Practical, structured teaching and training from missionary-evangelist Art Thomas.

This DVD is also great for personal study.

Paid in Full Products:

Paid in Full DVD film

Paid in Full DVD Video (feature-length film)

Add to Cart $20 US
Paid in Full 40-Day Healing Ministry Activation Manual - book

Paid in Full 40-Day Healing Ministry Activation Manual

Add to Cart $15 US
Paid in Full DVD Small Group study

Paid in Full 8-Week Small Group Study

Add to Cart $35 US
Spiritual Tweezers - Removing Paul's Thorn in the Flesh - book

Spiritual Tweezers (Biblical study of God’s will to heal)

Add to Cart $12.99 $10
Paid in Full Musical Score - music CD

Paid in Full Musical Score Sound Track CD

Add to Cart $15 US
Paid in Full Package Deal of All Five Products

Package Deal of All Five Items

Add to Cart $97.99 $75 US


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