Spiritual Tweezers (Revised and Expanded)

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Jesus proved through His life and ministry (and especially through the sacrificial price He paid with His own blood) that God’s will is to heal every sickness and disease.  But present-day Christians have developed a number of Bible-based objections to this truth — the most common of which is that Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” was a sickness or disease.  In this book, missionary-evangelist Art Thomas debunks the most classic arguments using Scripture, logic, and experience.  Don’t let false objections plant seeds of doubt in your heart.  Order your copy today!


It’s Time to Remove Every Thorn of Doubt that Stands Against God’s Desire to Heal

God’s will is always to heal people, and this book proves it biblically.

In this revised and expanded edition, Art Thomas unfolds down-to-earth arguments that are easy to read and understand. This will help you defend your own convictions about God’s will to heal. With a new format and about 100 new pages of additional material, this book will be even more valuable to you as you grow in healing ministry.

Part One: Eliminating Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh

What was Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”? Was it a sickness or disease that God refused to heal? Was it an eye problem? Was it a demon?

In this book, author Art Thomas tackles the matter of Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” with clarity and faithfulness to Scripture.

Part Two: Other Objections to God’s Will for Healing

We’ll also look into some of the most classic objections to physical healing, including:

  • Why isn’t Everyone Healed?
  • What about the Pool of Bethesda?
  • What about All the Times God Afflicted People with Disease?
  • What about King Hezekiah?
  • What about Job?
  • What about Jacob’s Limp?
  • What about Jesus’ Hometown?
  • What about Ananias and Sapphira?
  • What about the Man at the Gate Beautiful?
  • What about Timothy’s Frequent Illnesses?
  • What about Paul Leaving Trophimus sick in Miletus?
  • What about God’s Discipline?
  • But Jesus was God!

These questions have been used for years to argue that God does not always want to heal—a statement that is completely at odds with the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Part Three: Ten Things Jesus NEVER Said about Healing

Derived from Art’s popular sermon of the same title found on YouTube, this section further removes common unhealthy ideas about healing ministry by showing that they are at odds with the life and ministry of Jesus.

Jesus Christ healed every person who came to Him or called out to Him. He paid a very high price for healing, and He deserves to receive everything for which He paid. It is vital that we remove the “thorn” of doubt that skews our perspective of God. Get ready for some spiritual tweezers!

222 pages

Foreword by Joshua Greeson


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