Supernatural Evangelism Sheets (for Treasure Hunts)


Use this free PDF to help facilitate “Treasure Hunt” evangelism — a technique developed and popularized by author Kevin Dedmon that has been discussed on this web site and in Art Thomas’ book, The Word of Knowledge in Action.


Author and speaker Kevin Dedmon developed and popularized a style of evangelism called “Treasure Hunts.”  If you’re not familiar with the concept or the process, I would highly recommend Dedmon’s books on the subject:

It’s also possible that you read about Treasure Hunt evangelism in Art Thomas’s book, The Word of Knowledge in Action, which is available on this web site.

You may also want to check out the articles on this site that include testimonies and discussion about the basic process and overall topic:

I (Art) am often invited to train churches in “supernatural evangelism,” and I love to use Kevin’s method as the application of the training time (then taking teams out to the streets to minister in Jesus’ name).  Many have asked me for a place where they can download the list we use for writing down clues, so I’ve provided it here, completely free of charge, in PDF format.

This single-page PDF shows 2 lists, a line for cutting the paper in half, and instructions for folding, based on the recommended method described in Kevin’s training.


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