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Art Thomas and James Loruss bring you this second feature-length film from Supernatural Truth Productions.  Learn from seasoned ministers how to listen to and discern the voice of the Lord for your own personal transformation and then for ministry to others. (NOTE: This is a PRE-ORDER item.)

Product Description

This second movie from filmmakers Art Thomas and James Loruss, joined by Jonathan Ammon, will take you on a journey of discovering and encountering God’s thoughts for you and your life.  Our team is presently traveling the world to bring you one-of-a-kind footage of the miraculous, along with practical insights from people who regularly hear God’s voice and act on it in faith.

Learn from around 30 ministers, such as:

  • Bill Johnson
  • Randy Clark
  • Heidi Baker
  • Daniel Kolenda
  • R. Loren Sandford
  • Jennifer LeClaire
  • Dr. Bill Hamon
  • Rick Pino
  • Jeremiah Johnson
  • Jack Taylor
  • Rusty Rustenbach
  • David Edwards
  • …and many more!

Topics include discussion about hearing God, inner transformation, being led by the Spirit, prophetic ministry, ways God speaks, how to discern God’s voice, interacting with the Holy Spirit in evangelism, and more.  Like our first film, PAID IN FULL, this movie is being designed to be an experience — not just a movie.  We don’t simply want to show you what’s happening around the world; we also want to train and equip you to do the same things in Jesus’ name.

Be inspired and equipped to hear God’s voice — first for personal transformation and then for world transformation.

The God who spoke the universe into existence still speaks.  Order your DVD today, and be awakened to the VOICE OF GOD.

VOICE OF GOD PRODUCTS ARE PRE-ORDERS and will ship when the movie is released.


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