Voice of God – Film Encounter

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Pre-order all five “Voice of God” products:

  • the movie on DVD,
  • the Small group DVD and PDF curriculum,
  • the 40-Day Activation Manual,
  • the CD soundtrack, and
  • the book The Word of Knowledge in Action by Art Thomas

Voice of God - 2 DVD Set

Experience the documentary that will train and equip you to discern God's voice and interact with Him.

40-Day Hearing God Activation Manual

Book by the film's directors with quotes from people in the film.

Voice of God Small Group DVD and Curriculum

DVD video and PDF curriculum for an 8-week small group study about hearing God.

Voice of God Musical Score

Musical Score from the movie, Voice of God

The Word of Knowledge in Action

Art Thomas's book about receiving and acting on "words of knowledge."


Pre-Order Voice of God Today!

Voice of God is the second training and equipping “Film Encounter” from Supernatural Truth Productions.  The movie and the products associated with it are designed to inspire, teach, and activate Christians in the lifestyle of hearing God’s voice and responding in faith with powerful results.

Voice of God is shaping up to be the most practical, accessible, and captivating tool for training believers to hear and understand God’s voice.  Our goal is to see Christians everywhere living Spirit-led lives with maturity, humility, and confidence as they listen to and respond to the Lord’s voice.

Like our first film, we have traveled the world to bring you the best footage from experienced believers.  We’ll show you:\

  • miraculous results from people following God’s voice,
  • practical insights from people who have a track-record of hearing accurately from God, and
  • stories of intense devotion to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

We’ve conducted interviews with 45 people, both known and unknown, including:

  • Bill Hamon
  • Randy Clark
  • Bill Johnson
  • Heidi Baker
  • Jennifer LeClaire
  • Steve Thompson
  • R. Loren Sandford
  • Daniel Kolenda
  • Blake Healy
  • Jeremiah Johnson
  • Leif Hetland
  • Scott and Lacey Thompson
  • David Edwards
  • Rusty Rustenbach
  • J.P. Dorsey
  • Paul Maurer
  • …and more!

By purchasing the Film Encounter, you will receive every Voice of God product:

  • the movie on DVD,
  • the Small group DVD and PDF curriculum,
  • the 40-Day Activation Manual,
  • the CD soundtrack, and
  • the book The Word of Knowledge in Action by Art Thomas.
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Voice of God Products:


Voice of God DVD Video (feature-length film)

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Voice of God 40-Day Hearing God Activation Manual

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Voice of God 8-Week Small Group Study

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The Word of Knowledge in Action

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Voice of God Musical Score Sound Track CD

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Package Deal of All Five Items

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