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Spiritual Sensitivity and Holiness


Want to sharpen your spiritual sensitivity? Today I want to show you the secret to being more perceptive than ever before. This past Sunday, I shared a teaching about Spiritual Sensitivity and Discernment. A lot of people found it rather eye-opening. In fact, after teaching the principles to two small groups of people on Wednesday and […]

Spiritual Sensitivity and Discernment


Some people think they can’t sense the spiritual realm. I disagree! In today’s article, I will show you how absolutely everyone (even you!) can sense the spiritual realm. Sensing the spiritual realm doesn’t necessarily look the same for everyone. Some “see” things, others “hear” things, and still others just receive “impressions.” But today, I had […]

Body, Soul, and Spirit


Today I want to share a portion of my latest teaching on “Deliverance Ministry.” This portion specifically explains how demons affect human beings through the interaction of spirit, soul, and body. The following is directly quoted from the teaching itself: We need to start with a basic understanding of your spirit, soul, and body. Many […]

Offending the Mind? The Need for the Gift of Discerning Spirits


The scene often plays out like this: Some unruly, disorderly display of an unidentified spirit’s influence over a person grips the attention of those present. Many look at the situation and declare, “Something’s happening! It must be the Holy Spirit!” Another believer, though, sits back and takes it all in. He doesn’t feel right. Something […]

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