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When Sin Causes Sickness, Minister Healing Anyway!


How do you minister healing to a person whose sickness is caused by sin? For example, what if the person has diabetes because she is a glutton?  What if the person has AIDS because he was promiscuous?  What if the person has liver disease because of years of drunkenness? Sickness and sin are intertwined, which […]

Effective Spiritual Authority


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have more success in spiritual warfare than others? If Jesus gives the same authority to every believer, why do some seem to be more effective at healing the sick, casting out demons, and engaging in spiritual warfare? Today I will show you how to truly walk […]

Authenticity – Walking in the Light, Part 2


The second aspect of “walking in the Light” is authenticity (if you missed part 1, you may want to read the last post about Open Confession). Whereas confession is an outward act done before men, authenticity refers more to your secret life. Going through the motions of religion doesn’t make you a bona fide Christian. Real Christianity requires […]

How to Put Fellowship into Action


Over the last couple days, we’ve been talking about true Christian fellowship. First, we saw that fellowship is the key to healthy, rapid spiritual growth. And yesterday, I shared the supernatural ingredients of true fellowship. Today, I want to show you how to put true, supernatural fellowship into action. First, as mentioned yesterday, fellowship starts with surrendering our […]

Should Christians Get Tattoos?


Are tattoos taboo? Should Christians get tattoos? Is there a spiritual dynamic to this practice? Charisma Magazine recently published an article on their web site titled “The Dark Side of Tattoos.” In it, the author presented a case that when people are tattooed, they wind up oppressed by evil spirits. He pointed to many cultures around […]

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