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Identifying False Prophecy

false prophecy

God still speaks through people. Prophetic gifts are celebrated throughout the New Testament, and Paul even instructs the Church to “eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy.” (See 1 Corinthians 14:1.) The Greek word used for “eagerly desire” here means to burn with zeal, to strive after, and to actively pursue. Surely believers today […]

Gifts of the Spirit and Childlike Faith


Tomorrow morning, millions of children will race to their Christmas trees to rip open boxes of surprises that they’ve been dreaming about for months. While we often complain about the American materialism that permeates this holiday, I want to use the analogy in a positive way this year. Do you long for gifts of the […]

Supernatural Fellowship


Real fellowship has a supernatural source, requires supernatural gifts, and has supernatural results. For this reason, fellowship cannot happen apart from a genuine relationship with our supernatural God. In yesterday’s post about real fellowship, we talked about how the Greek meaning of “fellowship” used in the Bible implies partnership, community, participation, and deep social intimacy. Today, […]

Kevin Dedmon’s Treasure Hunt Evangelism


Hello everyone, A few months ago, I shared a testimony that included God instantly healing a woman of arthritis in her knees at a Meijer store.  If you want to read it, go to “Treasure Hunt Evangelism…”  The book that inspired us to take this little trip is The Ultimate Treasure Hunt by Kevin Dedmon. I […]

Difference between Spiritual Gifts and Natural Talents


I received a great question last week from William, who asked, “What is the difference between spiritual gifts and natural talents?” The answer is really very simple: Natural talents reveal your human ability whereas spiritual gifts reveal Christ’s supernatural ability. That’s the answer; but if you want some explanation, read on! This concept comes from the words of […]

Prophetic Singing and Prophetic Music


I was raised in a Pentecostal church. The scene was all too familiar: At a certain point in the worship and singing, the music would break, and someone would shout out, “My people, My people….” What followed was generally a declaration of love, encouragement, or admonition spoken in the first-person as though God Himself were […]

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