That’s NOT “Just the Way God Made You!”


This last Wednesday, my friend Tony (who leads our men’s Bible Study) pointed out that the devil tends to attack those areas of our lives that God wants to use most. Then Sunday came along and I believe the Holy Spirit revealed something to me allong those lines during a time of prayer.

The thought occurred to me (I believe it was from God, but judge for yourself) that the enemy has been around for a while and understands how to read the human genetic code. He looks for things God meant for good, and he perverts them so that we never become who we were created to be.

For instance, suppose God created one person to be a fiery, passionate, bold Christian who is not afraid to speak the truth in the face of opposition. Then the enemy comes along, sees the God-given potential that has been written into that person’s DNA, and attacks it. Later in life, the circumstances the enemy has brought against that person have wounded their soul and spirit to such an extent that instead of being a bold proclaimer of the Truth, they become a person with an anger and rage problem.

And here’s the hard part: Does God hold that person accountable for their actions? You bet. Why? Because that’s not who they were created to be. Yes, they have some DNA that makes it very easy for them to have anger and rage problems, but the fact remains that this was not God’s reason for writing that DNA!

Yesterday I met someone (who will remain anonymous) who God is calling out of a homosexual relationship and into His Kingdom. This person responded to the Holy Spirit and left the house where they were living. We got to pray together for salvation and new life, and this person stated that they genuinely felt different than before. Sure, there will be a process of spiritual and emotional transformation involved–I’ve experienced this first hand in my own battle with lust and sensuality. But I think one of the most important things that came up was this matter of DNA and how modern scientists claim to have found “the gay gene” (I apologize if that term is offensive to any of you).

You see, God created this person to have a tender, caring heart through which the Holy Spirit can reveal His power and love in awesome ways. The enemy came along and attacked that DNA early in their life through circumstances and lies spoken into their thoughts. And now, years later, this person has finally accepted that Jesus Christ has something better in store!

The supernatural love of God knows no limits! The Bible says, “God is love,” and, “Love covers a multitude of sins!” God is not shocked when the devil attacks us in the areas God meant for good–He is grieved. Why? Because it hurts to watch someone you love getting dragged away from you. Not only that, but the things we are often “dragged away by” are the things God meant to be used for good–like the firey boldness of the one who was dragged into rage, or the sensitivity, creativity, and personality of the one who was dragged into homosexuality.

We need to stop explaining away our sin by saying, “Well, that’s just the way I was made; so God must want me to be like this.” The truth is, he made you just the way He wanted to so He could reveal something about Himself through you that no one else could. He created you with a purpose and a destiny. He has a reason for every gene in your genetic code. But He did not create you to live a life of sin.

Christianity is not about “denying who we are”–it’s about becoming who we are! God created us each with His plan and purpose in mind, and the Christian life is one of glorifying our Father in Heaven. That means we do His will. That means we become who He created us to be! And this can only be done by the power of the Holy Spirit!

In our own strength and will-power, we are helpless when it comes to getting out of the mess the enemy has dragged us into. We’ve been attacked right down to our DNA, and so it seems that this is just “who we are.” Do not be fooled. When we allow the transformational power of the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with God’s love and show us who we are meant to be, He begins to change us from the inside-out. Our DNA doesn’t change, but the way we apply it does! We become who we were created to be! And God, our Father, gets all the glory for our freedom from sin!

My prayer for each and every reader today is that you would not be swayed by the enemy to believe that your sinful nature is “just the way you were made.” I pray in the name of Jesus that you would instead realize the purity and purpose that were intended by God before you were even conceived in your mother’s womb. I pray that you may come to grasp how long and high and deep and wide is the love of God and how great is His kindness toward us expressed in Christ Jesus. Today is the day for you to leave your old ways of life at the cross (considering the “old you” as being dead) so that the blood of Jesus Christ can purify you and so that the Holy Spirit can give you a brand new life of intimacy with our Father in Heaven.

I invite and welcome you to join our family!

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One Response to “That’s NOT “Just the Way God Made You!””

  1. DaveFebruary 20, 2008 at 12:33 pm #

    This is your best post ever! Clear, concise, and full of practical truth.

    So many vices are blamed on genetics and “instinct” — from alchoholism to sex addiction.

    This really touched me because the steroids I take for asthma can make me manic and irritable. When being treated I have yelled at people and been verbally abusive to family and co-workers. So often I just make the excuse that “I’m on meds”, even though I know that it could be controlled with a little effort on my behalf.

    Here are some thoughts that echo your conclusions from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

    In themselves passions are neither good nor evil. They are morally qualified only to the extent that they effectively engage reason and will. Passions are said to be voluntary, “either because they are commanded by the will or because the will does not place obstacles in their way.”(St. Thomas Aquinas) It belongs to the perfection of the moral or human good that the passions be governed by reason.

    Strong feelings are not decisive for the morality or the holiness of persons; they are simply the inexhaustible reservoir of images and affections in which the moral life is expressed. Passions are morally good when they contribute to a good action, evil in the opposite case. The upright will orders the movements of the senses it appropriates to the good and to beatitude; an evil will succumbs to disordered passions and exacerbates them. Emotions and feelings can be taken up into the virtues or perverted by the vices.

    In the Christian life, the Holy Spirit himself accomplishes his work by mobilizing the whole being, with all its sorrows, fears and sadness, as is visible in the Lord’s agony and passion. In Christ human feelings are able to reach their consummation in charity and divine beatitude.

    Moral perfection consists in man’s being moved to the good not by his will alone, but also by his sensitive appetite, as in the words of the psalm: “My heart and flesh sing for joy to the living God.”(Psalm 84:2) ~CCC 1767-1770

    We have deliverance from bondage:

    By his glorious Cross Christ has won salvation for all men. He redeemed them from the sin that held them in bondage. “For freedom Christ has set us free.” (Gal. 5:1) In him we have communion with the “truth that makes us free.” (Jn. 8:32) The Holy Spirit has been given to us and, as the Apostle teaches, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”(2 Cor. 17) Already we glory in the “liberty of the children of God.”(Romans 8:21) ~CCC 1741

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