Why Publish with Us?


  • We’re not just a publishing company; we’re an author development platform. We’ll help you build your audience.
  • There are more ways to earn with us than mere royalties.
  • We believe the Kingdom of God should operate differently from the world, so we have thrown away the traditional publishing model and adopted a framework that pays our authors top royalties.
  • Our unique marketing and distribution processes mean your books are able to reach a global audience and potentially pass in front of hundreds of people each day.

Why Publish with Us?Your Success is Our Success.

We believe our publishing company benefits from your success. The bigger your audience, the more of your books will sell, which means the more successful we’ll both be. To that end, we are committed to growing your platform, increasing your sales, and helping you succeed as an author.

Our customers want books and other products from thought-leaders. STP seeks to present our authors as thought-leaders who carry an important message. We’ll coach you through the process of creating or improving your web site and social media presence. We’ll give you pointers about how to effectively market your book and find speaking engagements. And then we’ll coach you through conducting a successful meeting and running a successful product table. 

We’ll conduct a special 20-30 minute webinar with you to launch your product, and then we’ll post that webinar in the store on your product page. This way people can meet you and hear your message on the same page where they can purchase your product. We may also invite you to participate in a panel discussion for other webinars we conduct. 

On our web site, we give each of our authors a personalized author page, which will include your name, photo, short bio, a form for people to invite you for speaking engagements, and links to your products, web site(s), social media accounts, and any blog articles within our web site. It’s a great way to gain extra exposure and build your platform. 

STP is not just a publishing company. We consider ourselves to be an author development platform. We want to help you focus on the ministry to which you’re called while you leave all the heavy lifting  (like customer service, editing, graphic design, printing, distribution, and high-level marketing) to us.

We Offer Multiple Ways to Earn More Money.

You’ll also be added to our Customer Referral Network (CRN) and will receive a 10% commission on any sales in our web store that you influence.

As an STP author, you’ll be invited to write articles on our blog. Not only will you benefit from extra exposure to our audience (including our monthly email list), but your articles will be automatically linked to your profile in the CRN. In other words, if your article is the reason someone came to our web site, we’ll automatically reward you 10% of any purchases that person makes. If the person buys one of your own products, you’ll receive this commission on top of your normal royalties. 

Beyond all this, as an STP author, you are automatically qualified to be an STP retailer, so you can sell any of our products on your own web site or at speaking engagements and maximize your profits. This means two things:

  1. You can buy any product in our store at wholesale price (50% off retail), set your own price, and keep all the profit; and
  2. You can order our “Three Month Distributer Box.” For only the price of shipping, authors can (a) customize a box of up to any 50 products distributed by STP, (b) sell them at speaking engagements, their web site, or elsewhere, (c) optionally ship back any unsold products at the end of three months, and (d) pay at the end of 3 months, only for any items not returned. You’ll be responsible for the cost of shipping both ways, but this is a low-risk way to figure out which products sell best to your audience. 

Our Royalties Beat the Industry Standard.

The Kingdom of God runs contrary to the patterns of this world (Romans 12:2). Accordingly, we believe a company that works on Kingdom principles ought to look different from the world and be better in every way.

Not only does our company donate some of our profit from every sale to support missions work in remote regions, but we also have designed Supernatural Truth Productions to honor those within our company.

In a traditional publishing model, authors tend to earn royalties between 7.5% and 10% of the retail price of the book (source). On a $15 book, that’s about $1.13-$1.50 that goes to you. But we’ve developed a completely new model that can earn our authors about twice that amount.

We give you 55% of what we call the “shared profit.” Here’s how we calculate it:

  • The “wholesale price” is set at 50% of retail. (On a $15 book, that’s $7.50.)
  • Next, we calculate the “base cost,” which is the cost of manufacturing, plus $0.30 and rounded to the nearest $0.05. On most books, this is around $2-3.50, depending on the number of pages and the quantity printed.
  • The “shared profit” is calculated by subtracting the “base cost” from the “wholesale price.” (In this example, on a $15 book, the “shared profit” would be between $4 and $5.50.)
  • The author’s royalty of 55%, then, would be between $2.20 and $3.03. That’s roughly double the industry standard.

Your Book with Your Name on ItSince you’re the one producing the content, we believe you should benefit most from the content. The other 45%, then, is used to pay our editors, designers, project managers, and others who help keep our company running smoothly.

Now you may be wondering, Okay… all this is calculated on the wholesale price, which is 50% off the retail price. But who gets that other 50%?

In the book business, someone needs to sell your products. Under the traditional model, retailers (the people who sell your books) usually buy from wholesalers at 60% of the retail price (source). Then they sell your book for whatever price they like (even less than retail) and keep all the markup as profit. But as a Kingdom-minded company, we’ve figured out a way to allow retailers to purchase our books at 50% of retail, which gives them more profit.

And here’s the really good news: As an STP author, you are authorized as a retailer of all our products. This means you can buy any physical product in our store at the wholesale price, sell it for the retail price, and earn all the markup as profit. that’s a 100% return on your money. And if the product you sell is your own, you’ll earn your royalties on top of that.

When people buy from this web site, Supernatural Truth Productions is the retailer; but we share our chunk of the markup in the following ways:

  • 10-15% of the retail price is “given” to the customer in the form of a coupon-based discount.
  • 10-15% goes to the people in our Customer Referral Network who were directly or indirectly involved in the sale.
  • And all the rest is used to pay for this web site, operate the business, and pay our team to keep things running at top performance.

And what about e-book sales? Whereas the industry standard is for the publishing company to take 70% of ebook sales and send the author the scraps (source), we do the opposite. Our authors receive 70% of e-book income while we only take 30%.

Our Marketing and Distribution Plans Leverage Technology and Social Proof

The Christian book market is vast, but the percentage of Christian books that will end up on a bookshelf at Barnes and Nobel or your local bookstore is remarkably small. In fact, Pentecostal or Charismatic interest books are among the least likely to see bookstore shelves. Knowing this, we don’t make any grandiose promises about getting your book into stores, like some other publishers might. While our distribution system allows for anyone to go into any bookstore and request your book, we have decided to focus all our attention on the technology of the day and promote your book in all the ways we’ve found to be most effective.

This web site is designed to attract customers and sell books. We offer plenty of free material through our blog, videos, podcast, and e-mail list. Customers learn about our authors through those platforms and are introduced to their material right here on the same web site. We have a devoted readership and a built-in client base, and they’re eager to find new products that speak to their need for quality material.

Not only that, but our built-in Customer Referral Network ensures there is a growing army of word-of-mouth marketers actively pointing people to this site and to your material.

  • We’ll put your book on Amazon.
  • It will be available to any bookstore that chooses to order it.
  • We’ll promote it to our e-mail list.
  • We’ll promote your book on our social media.
  • We’ll promote it on your “author page” on this site.
  • Any of our authors may choose to add it to the books they personally sell at speaking engagements.
  • Our Customer Referral Network will spread the news to people they know.
  • We’ll conduct a webinar with you about the topic of your book and promote it to our customers.
  • We will pay for $100 of Facebook ads to launch your book (and can manage more ads if you want to pay for them).

In Summary…

Join our family of authors!Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC, is a Kingdom-minded company that treats people with respect. We honor those involved in the process better than the world because we believe maximizing love is more important than maximizing profits.

If that sounds good to you, we would love to look over your manuscript and see if you might be a good fit for our company. We’re always looking for quality material from Kingdom-minded people. If that’s you, please fill out our manuscript submission form.



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