Prayer Requests

We would be honored to pray for you.

Note: Art Thomas and our other authors regularly see these prayer requests and occasionally respond personally if time allows. Due to the number of requests people send in, it is impossible to personally reply to each one, but we have enlisted a small team of qualified, Spirit-filled believers who have volunteered to invest time in praying for you. You should receive a reply from a real human as soon as someone is able.

We’re happy to join you in praying for your needs or speaking healing in Jesus’ name to whatever condition you or your family member may have, but please note that nothing compares to your own prayers and especially the love that can be expressed through local Christians as they pray with you and perhaps even care for your needs. Local ministry is always going to be the most timely, personal, and relational.

Knowing this, if you still want us to agree with you for a miracle, someone from our team will take your request seriously and pray for you.

Prayer requests are sent directly to our customer service system so that someone will communicate with you personally. During occasional high-volume times, we may have more people submitting requests than we have time to answer in a timely manner. We appreciate your patience as our team answers as they’re able. Thanks for understanding.

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