Make Money with Us

Earn Money with Supernatural Truth ProductionsIf you’ve got something to offer, we’d like to see about forming a professional relationship.

There are three ways to make money with STP:

  1. Join our Customer Referral Network. After that, post a link to our store on your web site, blog, or social media platform, and you’ll earn 10% of the sale from every person who uses your link to make a purchase. It’s FREE to join! (Learn More)
  2. Be an author with us. We pay our authors roughly double the industry standard and have tools in place to help you build your audience. (Learn More)
  3. Provide your skills and talents as a freelancer. (Read below…)

We’re looking for the following skilled and experienced professionals to join our team:

  • Editors
  • Cover designers
  • Book layout designers
  • Video editors
  • Audio engineers
  • Translators
  • Illustrators

We’re looking for freelance professionals who can help us from time to time with individual projects. It’s not a career opportunity, but it can be solid side work (or perhaps an addition to the workload of a solid, self-employed freelancer).

Editor JobsEditors:

Our preferred form of payment is usually as a royalty share on the product produced. We run a lean company and pay generous royalties, but this means we don’t have as much cash-on-hand as some of the big publishing houses out there. In the long run, this pays more than the standard rates offered by publishers.

For example, the typical publisher might pay an editor $1,000 to edit a book. We give our editors 15% of our “shared profit” (calculated as the wholesale price minus the base cost of the book). In real numbers, on a $17.95 book, that could be anywhere from about $0.60 to $1.04 per book.

  • Under the traditional publishing model, the publisher prints 2,000 books, and you make $1,000 flat. They can then print more books without paying you anything.
  • Under our unique model, if we print 2,000 books, you make anywhere from $1,200 to over $2,000, but only as those books are sold. And you will continue to collect royalties on those books as we produce and sell more for years to come.

It’s less money up front, but each project becomes an ongoing asset for you, just as it is for us and our authors. You only take the projects you believe in, and this will likely enhance your relationship with the author as you work together to produce the best book possible.

If you’re interested in being an editor for Supernatural Truth Productions, please send your resume to Art Thomas at

Freelance jobsOther Skills

From time to time we have small projects that need to be outsourced. In these cases we generally pay a flat fee, based on what the professional freelancer is hoping to earn.

If you have a skill on the above list and would like to be one of the people we work with for outsourced projects, please send your resume to Art Thomas at

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